Junior Node Js Developer

Get skilled in the latest trend Node Js Development

In the present day, Node.js considered the most popular technology platform, which is continuously growing. The ease and flexibility of javascript coupled with the fast asynchronous loop power and a growing community; enhanced the productivity and potentiality of Node.js developers.

According to reports, Node.js is not only a popular platform for businesses, but it also comes with a large gap number of Node.js developers present with required skills for meeting business needs. This is why; a lot of junior node js developer working on the areas to improve their Node.js skills and getting updated with the latest trends to become a highly demanded Node.js web developer. If you want to become a full-stack web developer, then you need to gain proper skills.

Skills you must focus on

Comprehensive knowledge on Node.js:

The first thing is to have complete knowledge regarding Node.js. When you use any type of web application framework, it is essential to have a core understanding of the functioning of Node.js on it. For this, you have to familiarize yourself with Node.js API and other essential topics related to it.

You can also opt for Node.js Bootcamp to gain detailed insights on the same. With effective information and guides, you can improve your overall skill in the field of Node.js.  The major API domains include HTTP, Buffers, and file manipulation. The new features added to Node.js are async/await.

Front-end technologies:

As a junior node js developer, you must have basic knowledge in the backend Node.js codes; however, it is essential to understand the front-end technologies to gain more experience. Get familiar with front-end technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and client-side javascript.

Integrate multiple databases:

You cannot run a web application in a codebase, and to store the dynamic data, it may require a database. Thus, having knowledge to integrate multiple databases and data sources is highly important. One of the best options for interacting with Node.js is through an ORM tool.

Node.js development tools:

You need to obtain experience to handle and work with Node.js development tools such as npm, gulp, grunt, broccoli, brunch, etc. These essential tools will help in developing great web applications.

Along with the above skills, there is along-list that you need to acquire to create every type of web application. With the high demand for node js engineer, it is the right time to upskill with the advanced Node.js skills. By having these skills, along with front-end frameworks, will help you to become a qualified Node.js developer.