Link Google My Business To Facebook

Know-How To Link Google My Business To Facebook? 

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business, famous as GMB, is a business management tool that helps you improve and manage your business online on Google search and maps. One can edit the pieces of information and verify them to help the customers find their business online. One can also link Google my business to Facebook.

Purpose of GMB

The primary three goals of GMB are as follows. Link to Google business page and do the following.

  • It allows you to manage your information regarding your business online.
  • It helps you to interact and be in touch with your customers quickly and regularly.
  • Also, enables you to expand your business online and offline by showing it on Google search and maps.

How to optimize your Google My Business?

Making some small yet smart efforts can help you optimize your business account on Google My Business. Some of the steps to link to Google business page and enhance the quality of content are as follows.

  • Please provide complete information about your business and remember adding a description to it.
  • Try to upload more images of good quality.
  • Do not miss or avoid responding to the reviews you get on Google My Business.
  • Promote your events, offers, and content and post about the same for the customers to see.
  • You can also make videos and upload them the same.
  • Try to give shorter names to it.

How to link your business to Facebook?

Before starting, one must remember that the administrator has to link Facebook page to Google business. However, the steps you need to follow to link the Facebook page to Google business are as follows.

  • Click on the ‘Link with Facebook’ or ‘Create a new account’ option.
  • A popup arises, asking you to log in to your Facebook account. In case you are already in, they ask you for the acceptance of a few terms and conditions. Once you accept them, click on ‘Okay’ and continue.
  • As you continue, they ask you to accept a few other conditions. Click on ‘Okay.’
  • After this step, it redirects you to your personal Facebook account. Under that, you see an option stating ‘business pages you manage,’ and besides, this is a box that asks you to ‘Select your Location.’ Click on this to add your location, which you want to connect google my business Facebook.
  • Once you do this, you can add a profile picture and the cover picture of your choice. These are also necessary to link to the Google business page.
  • The last step is to click on ‘Complete’ and go to your Google my business Facebook.
To Sum Up

It is a great choice to use the GMB tool, and to link Google my business to Facebook is one of the best ways to promote and manage your business. Like other Google applications and services, it is free of cost and does not charge anything. Therefore, one must readily open a business account for its growth, be it a small or a large one.