Best Angularjs Websites

Best websites that are built using AngularJs!

AngularJs is a framework developed by Google that is based upon JavaScript and does not depend on any other plugins or frameworks. There are a lot of features that make this a favourite amongst developers all over the globe. There are some of the best websites as well as apps on the internet that are made using AngularJs. Here are the best angularjs websites and apps that you need to check out:

  1. Netflix

Everyone is familiar with Netflix, and it is used all over the world. It is one of the most popular angularjs websites that helps viewers to watch movies within the comfort of their home. In case you have a Netflix account, you will know how easy it is to use it and have an idea about its utility.

  1. Lego

Almost everyone has played with Legos or seen it once in their lifestyle. Even though the company’s website had been launched in 1996, they upgrade it regularly. Currently, angularjs developers are responsible for the workings of this website. 

  1. PS3 compatible YouTube

YouTube is a popular website for viewing videos online, and AngularJs developers build its version for Play Station 3. It is extremely easy to use, and it allows users to watch as well as upload their content. Now the website is handled by Google, and the company is the founder of AngularJs framework.

  1. Paypal

Paypal is the easiest way to transfer money in the U.S. Apart from the websites, and this is one of the most popular apps that are made with angularjs. The company is running since 1998, and millions of people use it.

  1. The guardian

One of the most popular newspaper brands in Britain, The Guardian was founded in the year 1821. The company has upgraded its services with times, and now the news is available under the company on their official app. This app is handled by AngularJs developers and is extremely popular amongst its users. 

There are many more websites and apps that have been developed using AngularJs. In case you are still unsure about using it, you can look up online and search for the best angularjs websites and apps. AngularJs is a smart and efficient way for web development. Apart from money, it also helps you to save a lot of time and effort. There might be several options for frameworks available in the market, but none of them is as flexible as AngularJs.