DNN 9 MVC Module Development

Why does DNN development have more demand?

DNN got updated to support MVC modules. The MVC module can use any standard of DNN features. DNN is the most popular CMS platform consisting of powerful features. This cutting-edge technology allows developers for building mvc based web applications and websites that are highly receptive and advanced. For users, it is simple to develop applications/websites with minimal knowledge. With great support, dnn 9 MVC module development has become the foremost choice among several professionals. DNN offers a powerful platform to develop interactive and dynamic web applications as well as websites.

Why is DNN distinctive?

DNN considered a user-friendly administration that requires less programming experience. It is easy to manage the website and its useful contents with the help of an administrative panel. DotNetNuke consists of high-end features like document management, active directory authentication, DNN skins, customer support, multiple language support, development libraries, and many others that help in increasing the quality of the website and web apps.

dnn 9 mvc module development

DNN comes equipped with innovative tools that provide security, functionality along with excellent design. It is easy to download the software and install it regardless of any version. You can also upgrade the software easily with DotNetNuke. It is easy to perform various modifications to web application development by using DNN. You can add fresh skins and module containers that do not create any impact. DNN comes with customizable components such as custom modules, third-party add-ons, etc.

DNN 9 launched with several unique features along with new routing controls that helped the building of MVC modules more easily. The new features consist of flexibility that is useful for MVC implementation. Through this new transformation, MVC module is capable of handling many controllers and actions along with complex routing frameworks linked with dnn 9 MVC module development.

Module architecture and building 

Whenever a DotNetNuke page gets requested, the framework research for the module control in the module definition, the module control, then discovers a specific controller, action, and namespace present in the MVC module. The output received through the controller action is further stored within a string that gets added to the page.

The MVC framework depends on the convention over configuration paradigm for simplifying the dnn 9 MVC module development. DNN modules completely follow all MVC and DNN-specific conventions. The common features of DNN are readily available for MVC developers with the help of DNN APIs that involves localization, module actions, and DNN controller class.