Online Banner Advertising Companies

The Main Components Online Banner Advertising Companies Concentrate On

There are some specific components of banners ads, and they determine the effectiveness of the ad. Most online banner advertising companies focus on these segments to create a good banner ad campaign. In this article, you would get a detailed understanding of the main things that banner ad creators need to consider thoroughly. These would determine the success rate of the promotion and ensure suitable click-to-conversion potential.

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  1. Value proposition

The most prominent portion of the online marketing banner must be the value proposition. A viewer needs to notice it first and thus, it needs to hold the most space. Stating the beneficial features of the product/service in this area would attract the viewer’s attention. For example, this includes special prices or offers like “50% off”, “Free”, “Limited-time deal”, etc.,

  1. Image

Another component of a good online banner ad is the graphics in it. You can add relevant graphics, images, or photos in direct relation to the promoted product. Again, using a simplistic photograph is necessary here. Abstract options require need time to understand, and no user would take the time to understand that while scrolling through the webpage.

The main purpose of the image is to heighten the urgency of availing of the promoted offer. Using bold or contrasting colors work in this concern. Instead of images, you can also opt for a typography-and-contrasting-background text ad.

  1. Logo

One of the key highlights in the banner ad should be the branding guidelines and company color scheme. It is necessary to make these apparent. While the ad links the promoted offer to the landing page, it must look like the original brand page of the company.

This is because the users who click it and get transferred to the landing page would feel assured it is a genuine company. For further clarity, adding your logo as a reference is important for banner marketing online. It is crucial to make it prominently visible but not overwhelm the other components. Adding identifiable branding elements or brand tagline would add authenticity.

  1. Body copy

The main aim of the banner ads is to attract the eye of potential customers. It links to the landing page which would contain all the other more important details. Thus, it is not necessary to put a lot of data on the banner ad.

Make the text in the body subtle, concise, and promotional enough to garner clicks. Creatively wording a promotional line in 10 words or more to show the main point is needed here. The readability time should not cross 2-3 seconds. Therefore, you must keep the body text simple.

  1. CTA/Call-to-action

Another important component of an internet marketing banner is the Call-To-Action. Without it, the click-through rate would lessen. This appears as a button or text that prompts the user to click the ad, either directly or implied. Some examples include “Watch Now”, “Get the Guide”, “Join the Fun”, etc, that would urge the user to visit the landing page.

All in all, for the promotion of any service/product online, it is crucial to focus on these points.