How To Promote IGTV Video on Instagram

Know how to promote igtv video on Instagram

One can use IGTV videos alone or in tandem as it is app. You can share hour-long videos on Instagram using this app. But first, you must know how to promote igtv videos on Instagram so that it gets maximum likes. 

Sharing preview on your profile

IGTV allows to shares preview of the videos on Instagram. It is a very simple process as you can create a preview when you are willing to promote video on Instagram. An option will be provided to “Post a Preview” which will enable you to create a preview of your post. 

Your followers will be able to see a preview of the videos as they scroll through Instagram. This is the best way to promote Instagram and your profile will also get extra exposure. You also have an option to delete the preview whenever you want without deleting the main video.  

Use Facebook for promotion

You can simply take the help of Facebook to promote IGTV videos. You can create a preview of your videos for Facebook so that your audiences get more options to view your videos. Making such teasers will help your audiences to know the taste of your videos. 

Facebook owns Instagram so whatever you automatically upload your video to Facebook when you are uploading it to Instagram. Your Facebook fans get a chance to directly see your videos. Facebook fans don’t have to go anywhere to watch videos.  

Create a blog post that will match your IGTV video

Create some attractive posts so that viewers become interested in the post. This will also provide both the options to watch or read contents. You also don’t need to create contents with great efforts. You can simply add paragraphs by explaining the contents of the videos to your readers. 

You don’t need to pay a penny for creating contents and posting IGTV posts. If you share in stories it will automatically attract more viewers. This is the best way to avoid sponsored posts on Instagram

Instagram stories

Best way to advertise on Instagram is by sending out “Story” as soon as you upload a video on IGTV. Select the option of “Stories” while uploading videos on Instagram so that your followers know that you have uploaded videos. A screenshot of the videos will be sent to stories as soon as you select the option of stories. 

This is the latest up-gradation available and will help many followers to go through the videos. Your brand and also your account will experience a surge shortly. You can also add hashtags to attract more viewers. 

Feature customer feedback

Spotlight some of the feedbacks of your loyal customers so that consumers love your brand more and your videos get a maximum promotion. Invite your customers in the video that you will post and let the customers tell the viewers why they like your services or products. 

The bottom line

Know more about how to promote igtv video on Instagram before creating and posting videos. By knowing the proper techniques will help you to get more viewers as well as more promotion.