Shopify Amazon Affiliate

Reasons to create and use Shopify Amazon affiliate

Shopify is one of the most useful e-commerce sites available for shopping purposes. And it is an affiliate of Amazon, which allows it to grow as a successful website simultaneously. Indeed, there are many reasons why this works and many ways in which one can use it.

Creating an affiliate store

Generally, to become an affiliate of Amazon with Shopify, there are two paths one can take. They are:

  • Amazon directly- One can get the products from the Amazon platform itself, through certain applications. One way it does so is by changing the ‘Add to Cart’ button to the ‘View on Amazon’ feature.
  • Many merchants- Sellers can add products from several merchants in their Shopify store. Of course, one needs to make some changes to the ‘Add to Cart’ button so that it links to the retailer’s websites instead. So, you can do this through different threads, like replacing the button with a contact form or email link, changing the button altogether, and customizing your Checkout button. It depends on your preference

Benefits of using Shopify Amazon affiliate

Indeed, the advantages of using the Shopify Amazon affiliate are:

  1. Less customer service pressure

These stores do not face as much pressure regarding customer service. After all, most of the time the affiliate retailers deal with customer issues like general inquiries, shipping, and refunds. So, as a shop owner on Shopify, you would save a lot of stress and time.

  1. Higher offerings

A good benefit of affiliate marketing, in general, is the higher exposure it gets. Shop owners add more product offerings and also increase revenue. As a result, their business grows simultaneously.

  1. Inexpensive

The current price of Amazon and its services are very affordable, and so is using this marketing method. As a seller on this platform, you do not have to pay a lot and you are also exempt from product inventory.

  1. Higher brand recognition

One of the good points of using affiliate marketing with Shopify is the amount of exposure you would get. As a result, brand recognition would increase too. Many Shopify owners use a lot of well-brands in their quest to get higher profitability. You can invest in their assistance as well, and that would help grow your brand.

After all, high-profile brands are more popular among bigger crowds, so there is an already present trust. So, if you feature these products too, that would gain you more customer traffic.

All in all, the affiliate marketing tactic is a very usable plan of promotion and sales growth for sellers. Thus, it is actually beneficial if you invest in some such marketing with Shopify as an Amazon affiliate. While there are certain drawbacks available too, the benefits are hard to ignore.