Shopify Email Marketing

Advantages of Using Email Marketing 

In today’s cutthroat consumer market, marketing is one of the key aspects of making sure a product is more visible and accessible to customers than its competitors. Companies spend a lot of time and resources developing newer and innovative methods to stay ahead of the marketing curve. While newer trends are good, one well-proven marketing strategy that continues to work equally well today is Shopify email marketing. Most studies point to the fact that many consumers regularly check their emails, thus making email newsletters a valuable asset in online marketing.

Let us have a look at the distinct advantages that using email marketing service providers offer.

Targeted content

Email marketing was one of the first ways to generate targeted content directed towards a specific customer base. It continues to be one of the most efficient ways to do so. To generate targeted content, all you need is two things. Good content is tailor-made for the target audience and efficient email list management.

Email marketing can be a two-way street

While many newer marketing modes involve companies just presenting their products or services to their potential customers, email marketing offers a unique opportunity for customer interaction. This is done through feedback and responses that are often part of an email newsletter. This promotes customer interaction, which in turn generates greater customer engagement.

Improving sales

One of the most obvious points but an important one, email marketing generates a great number of sales for how much it costs to run an email marketing drive. It is highly cost-effective and can be responsible for as much as 50-60% of a company’s gross sales. You can remind customers they have products in the carts they haven’t checked out yet or inform them about the latest offers through email marketing. This significantly boosts sales as well as helps in recovering many of the lost sales when products are abandoned at the checkout or shipping cart. 

Improved traffic

One of the key factors in ensuring your website is more visible to customers is by generating greater traffic to your website. This improves your SEO score and makes it more likely for potential customers to find you searching for particular products or services. Email marketing helps in a big way in promoting consumer traffic to a company’s website by providing customers with ample interaction opportunities that are directly linked to the website.

Online marketing is a booming market and is responsible for a large part of every company’s marketing strategy. Email marketing was one of the pioneers of online marketing and continues to be one of the most popular and effective online marketing methods, even in today’s market.