Target Affiliate Program

Structure Of Target Affiliate Program

Target affiliate program commission is split by category, as with Amazon Associates. The more month to month net requests you allude, the higher the commission rate goes. 

As of now, four classes can acquire commission for members: Apparel and Accessories, Home and Outdoor Living, Baby Gear and Furniture and Health and Beauty. Commissions range from 1% to 8%, contingent upon which class you’re in and the number of deals you allude every month.

The Best Features Of The Target Affiliate Program

A Wide Variety Of Products

Target has a huge assortment of items for you to put on your site. Target is known as an everything-store, and most offshoots can make this program work for them, regardless of what speciality they have some expertise in.

Creative Deals For Advertising

Target’s member program offers item widgets, text links and other inventive material for associates to use alongside their connections. Indeed, there are more than 150 unique flags and banners accessible for use! 

The banners are continually refreshed. Like this, one can keep your clients refreshed on deals, advancements or new product accessible inside the online store. Standards are additionally accessible in various sizes, contingent upon how you need them shown on your site.

The Ups And Downs Of The Target Affiliates


  • Normal Commission Rates: The commission offered is average in nature which is still better than many industry rates.
  • Dedicated Team For Management: Managements team handles all the doubts and queries and solve them shortly.
  • More Products To Promote: Most specialities can discover a spot to get comfortable the Target affiliate
  • Known Brand: Target is well-known in foreign countries. This will help your conversion rates, as you’re encouraging people to buy from a place they already know and trust.


  • Some classifications have awful commissions. For instance, Health and Beauty have just a 1% commission, while numerous different classifications won’t procure any commission whatsoever. 
  • Lower transformation rate than Amazon. Amazon overwhelms the online trade market. Since Target is more known as a physical store, your transformation rates will presumably be lower with them. 
  • Program is gone through Impact Radius. This could be a professional or a con, contingent upon whether you’re as of now pursued Impact Radius.

Target affiliate program comes with lots of benefits which can help you to grow at an exponential rate. Always choose it wisely before picking any program in the field of affiliate marketing.