Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Real Estate Text Message Marketing: Saved Cost And Efforts


Real estate text message marketing can be defined as a market tool where property listings are bought and sold to the buyers through real estate agents or directly. The real estate market sets standards for properties depending upon prices and the location of the property.

Benefits of the real estate text message marketing

The benefits of the real estate text messages are mentioned below: –

  1. Text messages are more likely to be opened– The text message inbox is not filled with marketing messages and promotions. The people tend to check it out almost immediately, whereas emails tend to get lost among the tons of marketing emails. People tend to prefer SMS notifications instead of emails because they are shorter and precise. With the emails, there is a little limitation to the type of content that can be sent. 
  2. The whole process is cost-effective– SMS for real estate marketing campaigns is comparatively more affordable than email marketing. It has a much higher lead generating rate and also bulks SMS is easy to send and only costs negligible along with the result that is quite profitable. 
  3. It is tailored personally– SMS is a much friendlier and personal way of communicating. Mostly text messages are received from the close ones who are important enough to know our phone number. Whereas email addresses are easily shared between people related professionally or formally whereas, phone numbers give a personal touch. Also, text messages are much easier when they are used as a direct method of communication. Also, some people are more open to start conversations through texts as it feels more natural.
  4. The information does not get lost through SMS– Emails are much more formal; thus, people get much more emails compared to SMS. There is a high chance of mails getting lost in the crowd. Also, spam filters are not always the best as they send important emails to the Junk folder. But with SMS, they usually get lost as it ensures that the important information is sent immediately. But in case they do not want to receive the messages from the real estate company, they can easily unsubscribe from the service.

Real estate text message marketing is effective yet very cheap compared to other tools of marketing. This real estate marketing tool is much easier if the motive is to create a pact customer base.