Free Text Message Marketing

Free Text Message Marketing And Its Benefits

With more brands trying to increase their customer base with those on the move, free text message marketing has gradually become the best multi-channel marketing method. On the other hand, only several marketing agencies showcase text messaging as one of the core competencies. Thus these customers are not accustomed to major communications and ROI increase.

There is a wrong notion among organizations that message marketing requires a lot of investment in apps. Also, there is much less allowance for targeted communication, personal aspects, and it does not have much analysis for supporting the ROI. It is much easier to get access to mobile communications than it is usually perceived, and simply sending a personalized message can give access to customers using mobile or even a targeted text message for a fact.

Investigating the two way-street of text message marketing between mobile users and companies is essential for building brands worldwide, in every house. This is to endure that all the rights of the consumers are well protected.  

Benefits of using SMS as marketing:

  1. It is a direct and immediate channel

Text message marketing is one of the direct channels available in the current market, with a rate of reading of over 90% within 20 minutes of delivery. It helps in ensuring that these messages are read accordingly after they have been sent out. Studies show that almost 50% of the SMS campaigns generate a positive ROI, reaching over more than fifty percent whenever it is included with social media and other channels.  

  1. Utilizing shortcodes for building databases and simplifying your responses

You can ask your customer to add a shortcode or any keyword for printing advertisements, collaterals, and social media, as well as on advertising boards. This strategy can help get the customers much more familiar with the brand via shortcodes and keywords such that it is more likely to get a response or interaction. 

  1. It is possible to integrate with other channels and also provide support

It is essential to ensure that every channel is effective and properly working within the marketing mix, and SMS stands as no exception. SMS is one of the standalone channels, and it also ensures the prospect of enhancing and supporting other mediums of marketing, like email and social media.

  1. You can learn more about your customers

Text message marketing is one of the best mediums or channels for getting feedback from your customers as a form of survey. Studies show that most of the receivers reply to any surveys which have been requested by the companies via text messaging. This shows that you can get results in a short time.

This shows how free text message marketing can help in driving up the marketing strategy of your company.