Web Scraping with Python

Do web scraping with python and get your required forms of data easily

Web scraping is otherwise known as data extracting or fetching from websites. For data extraction, different languages are used, and the python language is one of them. Web scraping with python is used to extract and process bulk amounts of web data. 

Web data scraping is an essential skill for those who are working as data analysts or data scientists. They analyze large sets of data and then using those data for their business requirements. 

Though web-scraping is a data fetching process, so it requires coding knowledge. A web scraping developer has trained in this particular part. They have specific knowledge regarding the python language. Before that, we need to discuss why python is suitable for web scraping:

Why use python during web scraping?

The web scraping process helps in collecting raw data from the web. Python comes up with various useful tools for web scraping. It is also a high-level programming language. This language has different library options for different functions too.

Python syntax is quite simple to use and easy to code. Due to its user-friendly features, analysts prefer to use this while extracting data. If you want to be the best web scraper, you need to take specific web scraping training. You can also take a web scraping tutorial to gain detailed knowledge of this field. 

In web scraping, analysts always like to prefer raw data that exist in HTML format. Python has an HTML library that will allow you to execute your python programs. 

When you find some relevant or suitable data on the web according to your project, you can download it. For that, python has another library called Beautiful Soup. It will allow you to extract data from the web according to your requirement. While downloading, you can also delete HTML tags and save the rest of the information. 

Python has another library, which is called Pandas. With the help of the Pandas library you can save your extracted data in a structural format. You can also use python Scrapy for web scraping. 

You can use proper scraping tools for Web scraping legal process. You can also extract data and crawl them from your website.  

Things you can do in web scraping using python

  • Comparison between prices

Many businesses using web scraping using python for collecting data from different websites. Also, use this technique to compare their price with others. 

  • Scraping of social media

Web scraping is also using in data collection from social media websites. Suppose collecting data from Twitter to know recent trends. 

  • Research and Development

This is the most significant thing that one can do using web scraping. It helps to collect an enormous amount of information from the web, which is further using in R&D. You can also apply different statistics. 

There are various other things that you can do using web scraping with python. If you are using python for data fetching, then it will be more flexible for you. It is because python features are quite user-friendly. Also, advanced options are available in the form of libraries in python.