Website Developer Near Me

Creating Your Website Vs. Hiring A Website Programmer

With new businesses popping up every day and people turning to blog more often than not, this is a debate that has been making rounds lately. Well, you can create your website easily. You can find several articles and videos which will tell you how you can create your website if you have zero knowledge about website development. 

There are several platforms like Wix and WordPress, and even Google’s very own blogging, which allows you to create your website in just two minutes! Getting the domain name and everything is a whole different matter, but that is not too difficult either.

When you want a website for your daily blogs, or to upload your art, then it is okay to create your website using those platforms. Still, if you want to use the site to reach out to customers and sell your services, you will have to go more professional and hire a web developer near me. 

Who Are Web Developers, And What Do They Do?

Web programmers are coders who have learned different coding languages and can create sophisticated apps and widgets for your website for it to be functional. There are three types of web developers:

  • Front end developers: front end developers are responsible for the user experience of the website. This is part of your website that the customers will be interacting with. They will make sure that the user interface is smooth and without glitches. They are responsible for making the website responsive so that it can be viewed on different devices. 
  • Back end developers: back end developers are the ones who are most in charge of taking care of the security features of the website and the data management of the website. They make sure that the site is up and running at all times, and there are no plugin problems. 
  • Web designers: last but not least, the web designers, as you can already tell, are in charge of the layout or the overall look of your website. Their sole responsibility is to attract the viewers and make an impression on the visitors. They are in charge of adding cool animations or graphics to your website. 

When you are trying to grow your company, you cannot expect to reach your target sales with an essential looking website. You need all three types of website programmer to work together to achieve your target.