A Detailed Guide to WooCommerce Plug-In and Its Developers

Hire Expert Woo Commerce WordPress Developers

Are you willing to convert your WordPress site into an online e-commerce platform? Then, you probably should try out the WooCommerce plugin. It is currently one of the best eCommerce tools that support around 30% of global business websites.

With it, you can relish a number of user-friendly extensions that enhance both the functionality and performance of your eCommerce website. It also permits your clients to access every part of your site with great ease.

Here, you can acquire different essential sections such as payments, shipping, marketing, inventory management, report, and so on! On paper, the whole procedure of managing the plugin might appear to be simple and straightforward.

But, when you will get involved in the process, you can meet a lot of hardships. That is why you need to seek the assistance of a WooCommerce developer. So, if you desire to know more about the plugins and the experts who handle it, then you are reading the right article!

But, don’t worry. We will be talking about a few things that can help out the aspiring developers as well. So, let’s stop our chitchatting and delve right into our guide of the popular WooCommerce plugin and its developers!

Why Should You Hire a WooCommerce Expert?

WooCommerce developer

A proper WooCommerce development will undoubtedly bring you financial profit. But, to install the plugin precisely, you need to attain the help of an expert. Besides that, they can also help you out in the other facets of the whole system. So, let’s check out some of the benefits that you can avail of if you do opt for a decent WooCommerce expert.

  1. Saves Your Money And Reduces Your Worries

The first and foremost reason to a hire WooCommerce expert is that it decreases much of your headaches. Running an eCommerce store brings unwanted annoyances all the time. Do you want to have another one by taking the responsibility of the plugin implementation? If no, then, make sure to acquire the guidance of a professional mind.

Most of you choose to take on the task singlehandedly just to save a few bucks. In this context, it is important to mention that you might be able to save a few pennies initially, but it can charge you a lot in the upcoming days.

However, always remember, shortcuts in business fetch you nothing except adversities and complications. In fact, nobody can ever deny facing such issues in the past. Thus, to avert the future monetary losses, recruit an expert today for your online store.

  1. You Can Provide Your Time And Efforts In Other Business Segments

The more priority, time, and efforts you will give to your eCommerce business, the higher revenue you can cherish. But, if you engage yourself in fixing the website issues, updating the plugins, etc. will you get that much time to think about your business?

Malfunctions in plugins are not a new thing. It could break down at any moment. If every time, you spend your time fixing those issues, you probably can never come up with unique ideas to enlarge your business. 

Therefore, the best thing you can do is bestowing all the accountabilities of supervising the WooCommerce plugin including the modifications in design, repair broken themes, etc. on a WooCommerce developer.

It will allow you to utilize all your precious time to think about the welfare of your online store. 

  1. Get Expert Guidance On The Urgency

When you run an eCommerce site, technical issues will keep knocking your door every now and then. Suppose you have accomplished the task of implementing the website plugin with your own, but what if you involve in severe technical issues later? Who will come to your rescue?

The answer is quite simple- your hired WordPress WooCommerce developer! If you avail of their assistance right at the beginning of setting up the plugin, you can get them by your side whenever there is any technical dispute like security holes, bugs, and internet issues.

Well, the best part is that you will be always assured of the fact that no matter what, you will be backed up by a receptive support team! Doesn’t the assurance reduce much of your stress?

Hence, while making a decision whether or not to hire the developers, consider the impending challenges that you and your WooCommerce platform could come across in the forthcoming days!

  1. Enhance The Security Of Your Online Store

While owning an eCommerce site, you need to focus on its security check in the first place. Otherwise, you can anytime become prey to the hacking and phishing attacks. Your online prospects rely a lot on your site when it comes to security and privacy concerns.

However, if you ignore this particular aspect, you would unwillingly summon some appalling intricacies to your online website. Most of the eCommerce site holders think that by updating the sites and having an SSL certification will do the work.

If you wonder the same, you are wrong there. Doubtlessly, both aspects are important to maintain the integrity and security of an e-commerce site. But, it is actually the fundamental attributes.

Apart from these two, there are several other realms that needed to be concentrated on. Hence, as you can understand, it would be quite difficult for you to manage all those areas unless you attain the help of a renowned WooCommerce development company.

The reason for mentioning the word renowned is that only developers with high skill and experience could handle the tasks like running a weekly security scan perfectly.

Besides, they can also help to detect critical security holes and bugs earlier, proactively making some modifications to your site for improving the security, etc. suitably. As a result, your website will be saved from exposure to vulnerable threats.

  1. There Will Be No Worries Regarding The Plugin Updates

An eCommerce site is designed with different scripts, 3rd party tools, and plugins. And you most likely know that it requires proper maintenance in order to avert facing technical drawbacks and breakdowns.

Unless you care about the different segments of your eCommerce site, it can leave terrible impacts on your sales volumes. The 3rd party tools of your site might lose compatibility with each update.

So, as you can see, clicking on the update button might not work fruitfully, rather it can damage your store severely. But, you can totally avoid the risk factors by pursuing the help of the professionals.

Be it a freelance WooCommerce developer or the one who works with an organization, by hiring any of these experts, you can deal with the plug-in updates easily. These developers possess in-depth knowledge about the WooCommerce plugins and their compatibility with other 3rd party tools.

Therefore, they choose to run the updates on a staging server to test the outcome before proceeding with the plug-in updates on your eCommerce website. Besides, being long in the field they are well acquainted with how to detect the potential threats.

Besides, the developers also troubleshoot them and find the proper solution to halt it before it attacks your site. Now, ask yourself, will you be able to handle all these kinds of stuff alone?

  1. Provides You With Custom Solutions

The best thing about recruiting the WooCommerce expert developer is that they offer you a customized solution for your website. This indicates that you can get a tailored service based on the requirements of your online store.

The custom solutions not only boost the awareness of your website but also allow your prospects to get everything they want in their hand.

Starting from a multilingual support system to calculators, to shipping rates and customer-friendly classifications of the offered products or services – they do everything. In a way, these developers assure you to take care of everything, leaving no room for your whines.

Importance of Implementing WooCommerce Plugin Into Your Ecommerce Website

WooCommerce developer

You might wonder why you would choose the WooCommerce plug-in for your online store. There are other alternative eCommerce plug-ins on the web, right? Well, in essence, the statement is true but none of them can match the efficiency of WooCommerce.

The followings are some pointers that can help you to comprehend the significance of integrating the mentioned plugin with your online business website.

  1. Comes With Viable Security Policy

One of the biggest concerns of digital entrepreneurs is the privacy and security of their site. Even in this case, the WooCommerce plugin will be beneficial to opt for. Apart from integrating with several third-party security-based software programs, the plug itself is highly secured and viable.

Once you include it into your website, you will get quick security updates, which can be easily installed with the help of a WooCommerce developer. If you keep your business website up-to-date you can expect to get a steady platform with 0% chances of the approaching security threats.

  1. It Offers Striking Features

WooCommerce is equipped with all the remarkable features that a newly developed webshop would necessitate to function smoothly. Starting from making the listings of new products to billing and safe payment procedure, it facilitates you with each and everything.

Put simply, it has made the online business more flexible and convenient. Be it digital downloads or physical products, with the implementation of WooCommerce Plug-in, the business bodies can trade with everything.

However, the plugin’s code is kept neat, offering the users with the essential features at any particular time. It indicates that the plugin will perform speedily and consistently with its fundamental features.

Nevertheless, you can expand the amenities anytime based on your needs and requirements. Key features offered by the plugin include –

  • Unrestricted customization
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Product categories
  • Attributes and tags
  • Filtering and sorting of products
  • Customization of location: language, currency, measurement entities
  1. Provides You With Several Official Extensions

You will be amazed to know that WooCommerce includes more than 400 official extensions that range from payment, analytics, marketing to accounting, and whatnot! These extensions are developed by the WooCommerce development team along with other numerous third-party software programs.

With these extensions or tools, handling the web shops will get smoother and easier. Moreover, these tools can be implemented effortlessly with the assistance of the professionals. Regardless to mention, most of these themes are free.

The ones, which are paid, come in a pocket-friendly budget. The expense of these extensions merely surpasses $20-$30. So, you can clearly assume that including WooCommerce plugins into your online store is definitely advantageous.

  1. Can be Used for Trading Almost Anything

Whether you do believe it or not, but WooCommerce is highly flexible. With it, you can sell literally anything and everything. It may include appointments, digital items, subscriptions, physical products, and many more.

But how does it do so? Well, for starters, the plugin comes with a wide range of themes that can be used for your purpose. Besides, if you cannot really find something that goes well with your product lineage, then you can always use the third-party apps on it.

However, make sure to opt for an expert while going through the WooCommerce theme development procedure. Otherwise, you may make some mistakes, which, in turn, can make a mess out of your website.

  1. It is Open Source

As you probably do already know, you can download WooCommerce without making any form of payments at all. However, that does not mean that the plugin offers you any shortage of features.

If you consider everything, the free version of WooCommerce has everything that can help you to create a full-fledged powerful website. However, as mentioned previously, if you do want to add more functionality, then you can always use the paid version.

  1. Easy to Use

If you do belong from a non-tech background, then the thought of using WooCommerce might seem to be a little bit daunting for you. However, contrary to popular belief, it is quite user-friendly. Hence, even if you do not really know about the programming languages, you would still be able to use it.

For example, there are a lot of videos available on the internet that can help you to learn about the backend jobs of the plugin. Moreover, there are a few other tutorials, too, available on YouTube, which may offer you assistance on the other facets of WooCommerce.

However, if you are not a tech-savvy person at all, then we would suggest you to opt for WooCommerce developers for hire. They are literally the experts in this field and, thus, can help you with anything and everything.

  1. SEO-Friendly

Do you want your website to rank at the top of the Google SEO ranking? Then, you would have to thoroughly follow all the SEO practices available out there. However, the unfortunate thing is that even when you take care of everything meticulously, you may still not find your site in the proper place.

In all honesty, only making your website SEO-friendly from the outside isn’t going to help you out. Besides, you will have to do the same from the inside as well. But, what do we mean by this statement? Well, we are trying to imply that you will have to use some lightweight plugins and themes as well for this purpose.

Now, in terms of being SEO-friendly, WooCommerce always comes in the first place. It is lightweight, has a minimalistic designing approach (default), and, lastly, can optimize your website for good. Thus, if you can implement it on your site in a proper manner, then it will surely help you in acquiring a better place on the search engine.

  1. Analytical Advantage

As the best eCommerce plugins on the internet, WooCommerce does feature a lot of different components. Among these, the analytical system is considered to be the most crucial and important one, especially for the businesses.

With the analytical section, you can count your total number of daily sales, the value of average orders, and many more. Besides, you can check out the shopping stats of your customers as well.

Furthermore, if you want to, then you can also integrate third-party apps with it. It will make everything a little bit more versatile and help you to be a lot more functional in your field of work too.

  1. State-of-the-Art Content Management

WooCommerce, indeed, has an amazing content management system. But why does it really matter? Well, in essence, content is a crucial part of any business or eCommerce website. If you do not have decent write-ups with proper usage of keywords on your site, then you would not be able to accumulate enough leads.

However, writing content in an appropriate manner is not a child’s play. As mentioned before, you will have to collect correct keywords and include them on your blogs appropriately. Thus, to get to some help in this aspect, make sure to hire WooCommerce developer. They will surely take care of all your issues.

Things to Consider before Hiring a WooCommerce Developer

WooCommerce freelancer

Well, in truth, if you do belong from a technical background, then you probably will be able to use WooCommerce half-decently. However, if you want to unlock the full potential of the plugin, then you will have to hire a WooCommerce freelancer or an organization.

However, there are a lot of such developers out there. So, how are you going to choose one among them? Well, the task of doing so might sound a little bit daunting, but, in reality, it is actually quite easy. Make sure to follow the below-mentioned pointers to get some help!

  1. Experience

Unlike other similar plugins, WooCommerce does not really have an intricate learning curve. However, still, many people become over-confident and, thus, start making unforced errors. Moreover, many shallow developers also cannot unlock the full potential of the tool, thus, making it a disaster for your website.

Hence, while hiring a WooCommerce development agency, you should always check out their experience. As a rule of thumb, it would be better for you to opt for a company that has at least five to six years of know-how in this field. With a lot of experience, they will be able to help you in building not WooCommerce but your whole website proficiently.

  1. The Ability of Writing Themes

As stated previously, WooCommerce does feature a wide variety of theme plugins. Hence, if you want to, then you can always choose one from there. However, many others are doing the same as well. So, how are you going to make your website look unique by doing the same thing?

Hence, you will have to hire such a developer who can create new themes on their own. It might make the overall duration a little bit time-taking, but in the end, it would be worthwhile. Nonetheless, before the expert starts working on your project, make sure to tell him about all of your requirements thoroughly.

  1. Service Duration

Some WooCommerce web development companies generally break the tie-up after they are done with implementing WooCommerce on your site. Conversely, the others try to keep up the relationship for a few years.

Hence, for a better service-oriented experience, you should always opt for the latter ones. It will help you in contacting them promptly, whenever you get in any type of distress. As they are contract-bounded, they will definitely rush in for assisting you out.

However, the organizations that offer a prolonged contract generally tend to be a little bit expensive. Thus, if you are a small business owner, then you may not be able to afford it at all.

  1. Payment Terms

The payment terms of the developer generally depend on his or her experience as well as proficiency in the field. Hence, if you want to avail of the best, then you will have to spend a little bit of money from your side as well.

The charges might seem a little bit expensive at first. Nevertheless, the end result is going to be something that you will cherish for quite a bit of time. So, always make sure to choose the best one in the market.

How Do the Developers Usually Work with WooCommerce?

WooCommerce plugin development

As the owner of the website, you will have to supervise whatever the WooCommerce developer is doing. However, if you do not have even a little bit of knowledge in this aspect, then the task of overseeing might get a little bit difficult.

Thus, to help you out in this aspect, we will be talking about the common that the developers tend to follow while implementing WooCommerce. So, let’s just jump right into it.

  1. Choosing a Proper Hosting Server

The first thing that almost every WooCommerce plugin development agency does is choosing a hosting server. Now, there is a hitch. You can either opt for a single self-hosted site or you can select the multiple ones.

If you do own a start-up company, then we would suggest you to go for the former option. However, only choosing a normal hosting server would not do the trick for you. You’d require something that comes with various eCommerce features.

The components may include a pre-installed WordPress platform, some fundamental themes, and a dedicated SSL and IP certification. Well, we are not saying that selecting these options is a must. But, it will definitely reduce your headache a little bit.

  1. Installing WordPress

Next, the developers will install WordPress on your system. But why would they choose WordPress? There are a lot of other websites available out there as well, right? Well, in a way, that’s true. Nonetheless, WooCommerce works perfectly with WordPress. Also, if we may, they tend to complement each other quite decently as well.

Now, if you have chosen any of the previously-mentioned hosting servers, then you would not have to download WordPress separately. You can install the same with just a single click. However, if you haven’t, then the WooCommerce developer will open the official website of WordPress and then download and install it.

  1. Select a Proper Theme

Now, once he is done with installing WordPress on your system, he will, then, go over the pile of themes. Now, this is a tricky part. While doing so, he may ask you for your input in this aspect. So, we would always suggest you to go for a theme plugin that is fast, secure, and provides a decent outlook to your website.

In all honesty, finding such a theme can be quite difficult, especially if you are going through the library of WordPress. So, to make everything a little bit unique, you may ask the developer to create one. However, if he asks for an expensive amount, then you may also opt for some other third-party themes available on the internet.

  1. Initialize WooCommerce

After implementing the theme on your website, the developer would, next, install WooCommerce on it. It can be done by following two different ways. If you have a pre-installed WooCommerce, then it would require a single click for you to install it.

After that, you can sign up there with your Google account and get started with it. However, if you don’t have anything pre-installed, then the developer would download it from WordPress. Then, he will install it by going to your site’s dashboard.

  1. Adding Functionality

Well, the job of implementing WooCommerce does not end with just installing it. Besides, you would also have to add some extensions to it. The general list would include memberships, subscriptions, shipping, payment gateways, bookings, etc.

However, the extensions would generally depend on the size and proficiency of your store. For example, if you are just starting up, then you would definitely require the membership extension to boost the growth of your website.

Which Skills are a Must-have for the WooCommerce Developers?

WooCommerce developer

As of now, we have mostly talked about those things that can help out a website owner. Thus, in this section, we will be discussing a few other aspects of WooCommerce app development that can help out an aspiring developer.

Yes, that’s right. We’ll be talking about some of the skills that you would definitely require for becoming successful in your field of work. Let’s get started.

  1. Basic Knowledge about Marketing

As you do already know, WooCommerce is solely based on the aspects of eCommerce. So, if you do not have enough knowledge about marketing, then the task of setting up a website would be almost impossible for you.

However, it does not mean that you will have to go to business school and complete courses. You just need to have a basic awareness of all the aspects of marketing and how can you promote it through a website.

  1. Debugging Efficiency

A newly-made website tends to generate a huge amount of bugs. Hence, to keep it at an optimal condition, you will have to hone your debugging skills as well. To get efficient in this aspect, you can make two or three small demo sites on your own and look for bugs. Being efficient in debugging can help you to create high-end websites without any issues at all.

  1. Planning Skills

To become successful in the world of WooCommerce store development, you would also have to boost your planning skills as well. This, in turn, will help you in finding the risks way before you even get to the position.

  1. Competence in Technical Aspects

Last yet not least, you will need to have a proper knowledge about the programming languages as well. For starters, you will have to be well-competent in the arena of CSS, JS, HTML, and PHP. Moreover, having a little bit of MySQL proficiency can also be quite beneficial for your career in the cosmos of WooCommerce custom development.

In all honesty, becoming a WooCommerce developer isn’t really an easy job. You will have to be a good planner, well-competent in programming languages, and lastly, know about how to handle your clients. Nonetheless, after you become a little bit used-to in this field, you would probably not encounter any issues regarding this aspect. Also, if you are an entrepreneur, then make sure to follow all the tips that we have mentioned before to choose the best developer and work efficiently with him. Good luck!