Xamarin Mobile App Developer

The good and bad side of Xamarin mobile app development

During the Android app and iOS, most people think about java, objective C Vs. swift. These are often used as mobile development tools when it comes to android and iOS app development. Apart from these, there are multiple ways to build a user-friendly mobile app. Xamarin is one of them. Xamarin is an open-sourced platform used to build a modern application for Android, iOS, and Windows. In this article, we will talk about the xamarin mobile app and its pros and cons.

What is xamarin?

When the discussion is all about mobile app development, how can we forget xamarin? This is a tool that is used for cross-platform mobile app development. This is based on Microsoft technology. Xamarin was developed as a commercial project. Xamarin mobile app developer becomes popular after it was acquired by Microsoft in the year 2016. It became a popular cross-platform product. Let’s have a look at the main features of xamarin.

xamarin mobile app developer

Features of xamarin

  • Based on the .Net framework-#C is a language that restricts code from unexpected behavior. #C is one of the languages of the .NET framework. Xamarin uses native libraries and # C for cross-platform app development. 
  • C# language– xamarin uses a single language, #C, to create apps for the mobile platform. Xamarin is compiled, making it a good option for a high-performance app and the native feel and look. 
  • Complication – This platform has two important products, xamarin. Android and xamarin. Ios. The process is automated.
  • forms– Xamarin.forms is a different product designed to make mobile apps and prototypes and share up to 100% of code throughout android and ios.
  • Platform SDKs – Xamarin app developers, provide access to specific SDKs via C#.

Xamarin mobile app development services

Multiple companies are there who provide xamarin mobile app development services. They will offer you the best cross-platform xamarin mobile app development services using the xamarin forms, C#, frameworks, and visual studio. Other services provided by those companies are:

  • Xamarin consulting
  • Custom xamarin development
  • Maintenance
What qualities should you look for when you are hiring a xamarin app development company?

When you are going to hire a xamarin app development company, you should look for some basic qualities that you cannot avoid. To hire a xamarin developer, you should look for the below-mentioned qualities:

  • Full-cycle development
  • Strong technology competency
  • Whether the company is experienced or not in native app development
  • Round the clock services are available or not
  • The company should be transparent
  • It should be affordable and cost-effective

Xamarin app development is essential for business just to ensure time effectiveness. Since the entire process is taken out between the Visual studio and C#, the organization will require only a single team to work on the task. As xamarin is an open-source framework, xamarin is continuously improving. Xamarin’s framework is backed by the world’s most dominant power, i.e., Microsoft.