Banner Ads Marketing

Banner Ads Marketing: Features and Necessity

One of the best manners of advertising currently available is banner ads marketing. It is a form of display advertising that takes visual elements to promote brands and services.

It is a popular form of marketing that many brands take up, using the help of display networks like Google Adwords. However, there are more versions of banner ad marketing fitted for social media platforms. These include ads like Instagram Sponsored Ads, Snapchat Geofilters, Facebook Banners, etc.

banner ads marketing

In this article, you would read about how it works and why one needs to use it for brand promotion.

What are banner ads?

In essence, banner ads are advertisements that are visible on a web page. These include a multimedia object or an image (.gif, .png, .jpg). These advertisements either appear in animated form or as a stationary visual, mainly based on what technology is at work.

Such advertisements are simple, but they play an important role in the promotion of brands and internet-based companies. They link the multimedia/image object to the landing page/advertiser’s page, and it attracts more customers.

Basics of good banner ad marketing

There are some basics that banner advertising companies focus on to ensure a satisfactory promotion. They are:

  • Specific- The main feature of a good banner advertisement is that it must catch attention. It needs to highlight the marketing message well, and using multimedia factors allows that. Developers must use things like clear text, brand colors, and animation to make a banner stand out.
  • Clarity– Since the banners are small and the word count is limited, you must use clear wording. Making the marketing message of the product the main focus is important.
  • Short- 0ne of the key aspects any banner ads agency should focus on regarding this advertisement is making it to-the-point. Many clients only glance at the banners; so, an eye-catching catchphrase or CTA s necessary.

How to begin banner ad advertising?

The following points are crucial to focus on to begin this marketing.

  • Understand the campaign objective- Understand the many points and features of the service/product, and build your marketing campaign around the main data.
  • Figure out the target demographic- It is crucial to understand who the banner ad must target as an audience and potential buyers. Knowing what they need would help you design a banner that highlights their needs.
  • Monetary requirements assessment- The company/brand officials need to have a set budget they are willing to invest in the banner advertising agency.
Way to check the effectiveness

One of the main reasons why banner ads work is that you can measure its effectiveness quickly. This is possible by assessing the click-through rate or CTR. The main calculation for the CTR is dividing the total users who clicked the advertised by the number of impressions (the ad appearing on the webpage).

For example, let’s say 100 impressions were delivered. Out of them, users clicked only three times. Thus, the CTR of that banner ad would count as 3%. Therefore, if you get a higher CTR count, that proves it is marketing well.

All in all, in terms of marketing services or products, a banner ad is a very effective tool.