Podcast Promotion Strategy for B2B

How to adopt a Podcast Promotion Strategy for B2B customers?

Podcasts are one of the newly popular platforms for marketing, promotion, and sharing content. Indeed, it is very easy to create, launch, and manage a podcast, no matter its type. Even in the sphere of business, podcasts are slowly but surely gaining prominence.

Admittedly, one can use the best B2B podcasts for promoting to their B2B customers. But, you need to create a good and reliable podcast and choose the most usable marketing strategies. If you want to use a podcast to reach B2B clients, take note of the following points.

podcast marketing strategy

  1. Consider your audience

First and foremost, when you think ‘I need to promote my podcast’, it is important to consider who you are promoting to. If you are targeting businesses as clients, consider what field they are in. Also, think about what they need, what they must be looking for, what their goals are, their job titles, etc. Indeed, if you know your customers’ interests, you can adopt a podcast marketing strategy that would attract them.

  1. Set your own podcast goals

After understanding who are promoting to, consider what you want to promote. Think about factors like, are you going to provide them with information or do you want to become a better marketing leader?

Also, think through what type of B2B podcast you want- do you want to do one-on-one interactions or host interviews? How often would you post? What topics would you focus on that the audience would like?

After you decide on these, you can begin creating the podcast.

  1. Plan the recording and then record

The best B2B marketing podcasts do not require a lot of fuss when it comes to creating the content. But, you still need to plan it well beforehand to not make any mistakes while recording.

Get the right kind of equipment, contact guests if you wish to conduct an interview, get a good system with high RAM storage, etc.

Then, you can begin recording for the marketing trends podcast, and the system would not lag in between.

  1. Publish strategically

The next step of practicing the podcast strategy for B2B promotion is choosing how to publish it. Luckily, there are some dependable companies available that would store the podcasts, and you can associate with them. Of course, research well beforehand.

  1. Promote the podcast

Then, you can choose the listening platforms that you wish to publish to. These include popular ones like Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. Understand where your customers would most likely be at, and then promote to them all. You can advertise on your LinkedIn profile, business forums, social media accounts, etc. If you have newsletter subscribers, send them the notification for the instagram marketing podcast too.

  1. Monitor and improve

After you are done with launching the podcast, monitor the engagement of the podcast. See who is listening more, which listening platform is gaining the most engagement, how many are downloading or streaming regularly, etc. During the podcast promotion strategy, you should try to improve the areas in which you are lacking. That would gain you more subscribers.

Overall, if you follow these tips, you can use a podcast for connecting to your B2B customers. That would earn you profits.