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Types of Paid Advertisement For Creative Agency Banner

A creative agency banner is very influential in promoting the product or services the client wants. Many of them include pay-per-click options that help drive more interest to the website. For this type of banner, the advertisers only pay when viewers click on the ads.

To ensure that the PPC ads are of a high-quality standard and garners interest, it is important to focus on audience interest first. In these ads, the offer should highlight these concerns. Also, each of the ads must link accurately to the advertiser’s website landing page.

Statistically, 40% of the success of ads depends on the audience and offer each, and 20% on creativity. There are certain forms of PPC ads one can choose to gather viewer clicks. They are explained below.

creative agency banner

  1. Static banner

This signifies those types of banners that appear in a one-dimensional manner and includes no movement. A good factor of such digital marketing banner ads is that it is available in a variety of sizes. Each ad sizes give different performances for click-through rate. 60-pixel high PPC banners are not very effective. Other options like leaderboard, large rectangle, or skyscraper forms give better performances.

  1. Digital video

One of the most popular forms of PPC banners is the digital video format. They attract many customers, most of the younger age group. To garner interest but not get monotonous for the viewers, it is important to keep these short. Less than or at least 15 seconds or run-time is recommended.

  1. Flash or Animated GIF

A popular type of banner ads that many viewers click on is the animated GIF style. They display many images in one file and does not include sound.

  1. Rich media options

Some advertisers opt for using rich media elements in their PPC banners. They have an interactive characteristic that gets high user engagement. Many come with sound as well.

  1. Interstitial

When viewers are served one or more pages on a website, the interstitial ads come in between or before.

  1. Pop-under

After viewing the website they were on, viewers close the window in their browser. Some ads appear then, and they are a form of pop-under banner ads.

  1. Pop-up

It is a very popular form of banner ad that appears when you open a page.

  1. Expandable

Some banner ads enlarge over most of the page when the mouse cursor hovers over it.